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Another Year of Books

Welcome to my blog. Where reading a lot of books is the goal.

Emily Powell

4 minute read

I try to do my best to keep up with authors that I like; meaning, I try to pay attention to when a new book is coming out. A week after this one came out, it was already at my house, waiting to be read on vacation. Why? If I enjoyed Kevin Kwan’s newest book half as much as I enjoyed the Crazy Rich Asians series, it would be a great read.

Emily Powell

3 minute read

Welcome back to Another Year of Books! It’s been over a month since my last post about a recently read book. I’ve taken the past month to just relax, whether it was by re-reading some books I previously read, or by reading some corny romance novels I stumbled upon. Long story short, I didn’t have much to write home about. But I’m back! Don’t worry, more reads are coming soon.

Emily Powell

3 minute read

“Where do you see yourself?” is my least favorite question. I never know how to answer because it seems like a trick question. It could lead to great things, but it could lead to weird ones. Plus, life changes so constantly, how can you predict what life will be like in five years?

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My name is Emily, and I blog about all of the books I read. I hope my reviews help you find an interesting book.