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Emily Powell

9 minutes read

Since 2017, I’ve been writing down what books I read. Another Year of Books started in 2018, but the counting started the year before. Until 2021, 2017 remained the winner with 62 books read. This year, however, beats 2017 only slightly - in the end, 64 books were consumed. What a year.

Emily Condio

4 minutes read

Whenever we travel, I try to find at least one bookstore to visit (and always end up buying a book there too). Earlier this year, I ordered two Kristen Ashley books from The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona. When the package showed up, I was so impressed with how well packed it was! The books were completely protected. Not like when you buy a book from Amazon and they send it in a massive box that causes the book to move around the entire time. Since then, I’ve purchased another…

Emily Condio

3 minutes read

The first day of winter… here already. I can’t believe it. Maybe I could if the weather wasn’t so wonky. One day, I need my winter coat; the next, it’s 55 and sunny. I can’t keep up. That’s probably why (plus many other reasons) that I rather stay inside. If it’s too hot or cold in our house, I don’t have to point to climate change or blame Mother Nature. I only have to blame Matt.

Emily Condio

4 minutes read

It’s always great when you find a series you enjoy reading. It could be when you are reading it for the first time. Or you’re re-reading it multiple times again because it’s just that good, you keep going back to it. You could be waiting patiently for the next book. Then, you end up wanting more books in the series when you finally get to the end. Sometimes, the author appears to oblige you. That sums up this next read.

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